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So, slave… So you want to give your Mistress, The Real Dutch Domina, a present?

That is very good of you, the more obedient you are and the more you spoil your Mistress the better I will take care of you!


Click on the image below to go to the external link and order the gift for me!


Nice claps from Mistress Mandy, your Mistress!

Send this gift to the address below:


To: Mrs. Mandy

Eikenlaan 261

2404 BP  Alphen aan den Rijn

Do you find it difficult to find something for your Mistress or do you not want to limit her? Then a gift card is the right present for your Mistress!

Click on the image to go to the website and order the gift card.

gift card (2).jpg


The Bijenkorf symbolizes the style your Mistress has. Do you want to make sure that I look stylish and can receive you in style?

Order a gift card for me now!

De fashioncheque....een ideaal cadeau om ervoor te zorgen dat jouw Meesteres er op en top bij loopt. Verwen jij Mij? Dan verwen ik jou......

Klik op de afbeelding om naar de website te gaan en de cadeaukaart te bestellen.


Your Mistress likes to look well-groomed and to receive your slaves well-groomed. Do you want to please your Mistress? Then order this beautiful care set for Me!


Would you like to surprise your Mistress with a gift that is not listed here?

Send a Whatsapp to your Mistress asking if she would please let you know what you may buy for her as a personal gift!

Send this question to number 06 - 16619379

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