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As a very experienced Mistress I have developed all kinds of techniques over the years for My pleasure and your surrender. As a result, the possibilities with Me are virtually endless. Below you will find an overview of everything I can or will do for you.



  • •    Analtraining/session
    •    Ball torture by hitting and/or tip/heel of boot
    •    Bondage
    •    Breathcontrol: by hands or face sitting (clothed) or by
     mask or bag over the head

  • •    Candle wax
    •    CBT: penis and balls torture 
    •    Disciplinary punishment by means of "hands, whips and/or 

  •       beater"to sell

  • •    Disciplinary Spanking
    •    Electro
    •    Shaving erotic parts
    •    Falaka: hitting with small bamboo sticks
    •    Figging
    •    Fisting 
    •    Face slapping and spitting 
    •    Golden shower
    •    Jerking: jerk off and cum on command
    •    Masochism enjoy pain eg mouth gags
    •    Mummification
    •    Needles
    •    Confinement
    •    Penis Vacuum Pump
    •    Public humiliation by showing yourself to others and yourself 

    •    Rubberplay

  • •    Roleplay
    •    Smoke fetishism
    •    Sadism
    •    Sounding; Very extensive range!
    •    Swallow semen of yourself or other slaves
    •    Nipple Torture
    •    Tie wrap
    •    Travesty
    •    Trio session with other slave(s)
    •    Foot Fetish

There is also the possibility to be hoisted up by hands and/or feet in my brand new, genuine leather bodynet!

I own a slave/slut.

If you want to use My slave/slut or want to be used by My slave/slut, please indicate this when making the reservation.


  • Nointimate with the Mistress!

  • Noanimals!

  • Nowar games!

  • Nochildren!

  • Nostruggle!

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

In order to continue to please Myself and to play you well, I am regularly acquiring new, highly professional attributes.

Some of these are even made (custom) especially for Me and are always of the highest quality.


Recently I have started using the attributes below for Me and you.

  • Vacuum bed

  • Milk machine

  • Lots of new electrical equipment

  • Leather body net on the hoist

The one and only Mistress Mandy, The Real Dutch Domina, your Mistress!

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